SCCYC Waterside-Connect Centre

The building is centrally located in the Waterside Enterprise Zone and potential beneficiaries include deprived people residing inner Town Centre and surrounding areas; Local employees in the industrial estate; Current service users from the Castle Ward; Sikh Community; Local urban and rural communities.

Our services are being developed with internal and external Stakeholder consultation and involvement. Our stakeholders have requested the expansion and tailoring of existing SCCYC services to include:


  • SCCYC Support and Poverty Service
  • Punjabi Fusion Catering Enterprise & Café
  • Waterside-Connect Health & Fitness Centre
  • Waterside-Connect Education & Training Centre
  • Sikh Heritage Resource Centre

Building Project

Waterside Connect – New Community Hub

SCCYC’s new Community Hub ‘Waterside-Connect Centre’ on St James Mill Road is successfully being developed. The development will take a phased approach with completion expected in September 2019.

  • Thank you to the ‘National Lottery Fund’ for their support of £140,000 capital development grant towards SCCYC’s ‘Waterside-Connect Outreach Project’.  This includes reception, 1/3 kitchen, multi-hall and poverty bank. Plus a Revenue grant of £25,000 towards Development Manager Salary.
  • Huge thank you to ‘Sport England’ for supporting the Community Gym ‘Waterside-Connect Health & Fitness Centre’.
  • Huge Thank you to Weston Anniversary Fund’ for their support towards ‘Waterside-Connect Education & Training Centre’.



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